I set up my camera (Sinar P2 with a Fujinon SWD f/5.6 65mm) in the garage and tried to focus on the TV in the living room about 10m (30ft) away. I move both standards as close together as they'd go, then moved them out gradually, and it would not bring the TV into focus at all (confirmed by looking through an 8x loupe). However, with both standards as close as they'd go, I could focus fine on stuff next to me, just a metre or two (3-6 feet) away.

So, I'm ready for a reality hit: am I just an idiot and doing something wrong? Surely it should focus somewhere between having the standards very close together or as far away as I can get them. Could it be something with the lens? I know it's a wide angle, but even with a small TV image on the ground glass, it should be clear enough to see what's on the TV and not just a coloured square of light. I did mount the lens and shutter myself after buying from KEH... could I have screwed something up?

Thanks a million :-)