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That is interesting rjbuzzclick, the whole matter is thus solved...until you need to use a tripod!

But, nevertheless, it is answers like these which cause one to think further. Thank you all. - David Lyga
Glad to help. Most of the leather case screws (I have several in other cases) will have a tripod thread in the bottom. I just chose this one that didn't as it's a little lower profile, plus, I almost never use a tripod with 35mm. Another option would be to put a threaded hole in the bottom of the plate itself for a tripod screw, or use a thinner plate so you can just use the tripod's screw to hold it together when needed.

This plate also must be loosened and turned to get to the rewind button, which isn't a big deal. The original plate I saw had a hole for this, but I decided not to put one in as it would have to have been relatively large and very close to the edge of the plate to compensate for the thickness of the metal.

Before I built this plate, I used an old flash L-bracket as is, and that worked just as well to hold the door closed, but didn't fit the camera body as cleanly. I've also heard that the accessory motor winder for the camera will hold the door closed too, but obviously that would add bulk and noise.