I have the same routine. When I make prints, I make a few with different exposures. I keep ones that are too light and too dark as well as the one I *think* it's right and wait until the next day to evaluate. I had SO MANY times what I thought as prints that are too light, too dark, too contrasty, too (anything) was the one I liked and ended up framing. This is beyond dry-down.... My prints seem to change a bit from what I feel as dry to few days later when it's really dry. Plus, my perceptions change. The worst thing for me is to pursue perfection on the first day. I end up going through so many sheets of paper and liking the first one. I go from room to room, outside, inside, take it to work sometimes, put it in my standard mat, etc, etc, etc. I also tend to get better ideas about additional adjustments or removing or lightening over-adjustments few days later as well. I have to convince myself to stop on the first day. I'm glad I'm not the only one doing this.