It's nice to see these "so called" new brands of film starting to emerge, but I have a feeling it's starting to get like it is with some other products. By that I mean a company goes belly-up and somebody else uses the name of one of that "belly-up" corp. best known products to put on their own junk or inferior product. All the time, we as consumers, think we're buying the "real McCoy" when instead we're buying less and always paying more. I haven't seen enough to get me to pay more for the "re-branded Rollei" film or Adox over Kodak, Fuji Acros(great stuff) or Ilford. I guess I'm just trying to figure out why I'd want to pay more and really get less. I could be wrong, but I'll stick with things like Acros, TMY2, PanF, and FP4+ until somebody proves me wrong. JohnW