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If you compress the bellows completely and measure from the GG to about the middle of the lens you will find that the distance is greater than the focal length of the lens. Solution, recessed lensboard or longer lens. The focal length of the lens is measured at infinity, anything closer than that is focusable because you extend the bellows.
Except that you can move the Sinar P standards together so they touch, giving you around 35 or 40mm between the lensboard and film plane, if I remember right. The OP needs to use a bag bellows with a 65mm lens, a recessed lensboard really makes movements, and especially transfering the movements from front to back on a P, a reall PITA. In my experience, when using a recessed board on a P, there is a lot of reframing and iterative movement calculations due to the offset position of the lens.