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hi mark

i totally believe that if you can print bad negatives, you will become a better printer. the best way i learned how to print
was by printing bad negatives, and printing things that weren't supposed to be printed
because if you can print something that is bad, you will always be able to print something that is good.

it boils down to practice, and knowing your materials ...
I have been making an assumption in my arguments here that may not be true for everybody; that if one wants a fine print as out put from a specific composition then, the negative needs to meet certain standards. For me it has to be able to print all the intended tones as expected.

I've printed more bad stuff than I care to admit, what I have found is that when working with a "bad" negative I can get decent prints, even fun prints that others like, but not necessarily what I intended when I shot the scene. When I reach that limit I'm typically looking to reshoot or skip it.