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When you produce a print in the darkroom and bring it out in to the light, do you view it upside down as well at right way up? I find it a useful way of judging if the forms and tones within the composition work. Try turning any HCB print upside down and you will see what I mean.
No I don't look at the photographs I make in my darkroom upside down. But looking at a lens image upside down is the most familiar thing because I use a view camera. As cliveh suggests looking at an image upside down is a strong way of wrenching the eye away from the content of the image, the infatuation with subject matter, to better judge the formal qualities of the picture.

The H.C-B example cliveh proposes actually underlines the difficulty faced by all users of viewfinder cameras. They never get to see the lens image upside down or otherwise. All they have is a peephole approximately delimiting a segment of the visible world. So the only opportunity for upside down formal picture evaluation may well be in the darkroom. I think I have researched nearly everything available on H.C-B but I can't find any suggestion he looked at his contact sheets upside down. Certainly his mark-ups of those sheets are right-way-up.