Hi Umut, Dominik et al. - thanks for the info. Esp. RE: the short-end sellers! Will have to look into that. So now I understand what remjet backing is; and this doesn't have it so even better.

I looked at the Kodak datasheets earlier, but as it seems entirely directed at motion picture use I was unsure if any things I'd need to know - I understand 'still' film well, but know nothing of cinema films. I was aware it's e-6, of course, so that's an indicator.

The last thing I'm unsure of, and this is a big part, is if the film would appear as 'daylight' slide film as I know it. The only web examples I could find seem to be people using damaged or 'cross-processed' uses, which is OK but not what I'm looking for (yet!).

So if anybody can tell me something like 'yes, shoot landscapes in your SLR, metering and filtering as you would Ekatachrome pro 100 daylight, process as same, and you'll not be surprised' that's what I'm looking for (feel free to copy/paste, even, if it's true). Or, 'don't use it without a xxx filter and even then it'll have a lime green cast and b;a bla bla' would tell me to rethink this. I just need to know if there's something 'different' from other e6 film here.

I might save up and buy one of those long rolls just to prepare for the inevitable... I guess I'd have to build some sort of modified bulk loader for that size roll...

The thing that confuses me is, if this can be shot as 'slide' film, why I can't find anything about that use on the web.