Hi Robert,

I haven't used the Ektachrome but I am using 5207 250D movie negative film right now. If the film is listed as 100D, the 'D' stands for daylight. The other film I am starting to use is 5219 200T where the 'T' stands for Tungsten balance. So 100D would be a daylight balance film intended for outdoor use.

WRT bulk loading, I have given up on the bulk loader path and just pull out a good arm's length of film off the spool in the darkroom, cut it and roll it into the cassette. It's just easier that way and you don't end up with an exposed tail at the end of the roll or scratches from the loader.

I'd try and shoot as normal slide film and I would bet it would work just fine. The CN film works just like regular daylight negative film except the contrast is a little lower as CN films are intended for making positive film prints.

The slightly different sprocket holes will not bother your camera one bit.

-- Jason