I thought so - then I thought maybe I could be misunderstood

I BUY ALL MY PHOTO EQUIPMENT ON eABY or through classifieds and word of mouth. Those who snicker, can either give me a viable alternative that matches it for selection, value and convenienve - and I will gladly take it. Until then... well....

I can see the point of view of those who say support your local shop - I really, really do. Fact is, in the city where I live, there were two bona fide photography stores - and then Henry's (the Canadian big camera chain) moved in ( I am not counting 1 hour photo places at malls, etc).

Henry's is the biggest bunch of thieves I have every seen - they prey on students and only stock up on chems and dark room stuff twice a year when the local college starts its semester. They also have a bunch of really cool used cameras... except a really beat up AE1 body (only body!) is labelled $249.99... not even a body cap on it, sitting on an open shelf, dented and scratched, sqealing like a banshee, etc.

The other two stores bought some display cases and have wall to wall digital this and that. I would love to give them my business, but they just don't have anything I need, and again, the used cameras are a huge rip off aimed at students who need one now, and don't know any better.

So, before anyone gets on too much of a moral high horse because you or I use eBay, well, they can sit and spin - there is little choice where I live and the stores that I used to support turned their backs on me - I guess they would rather deal with Duracell than Ilford.

Besides, I am tired of that look they all give you, the one that says:
"Why MUST you be such a PAIN in the A$$, get a digital camera and stop asking me about this developer or that fixer because I don't know and could care less, and as you people keep dying, it will matter less and less, so go already!"

OK, a bit of a rant there... sorry.

How goes the FL lens hunt?