Hi All,

I need a wide angle lens, and I decided that going for my Lubitel every time I want a wide shot is unrealistic, so I need an FD mount (early or late, I don't care ring or button) wide angle lens.

There are quite a few, so I was wondering if some of the guys who shoot or have shot Canon and had first hand experience with some of these lenses may be so kind as to chime in and help me narrow down a choice.

I am looking in the 24 - 35mm range, most likely a 28mm. From what I hear it (28mm) is the widest I can go before really strong "anomalies" start to manifest themselelves (dist. etc.)

I am on a budget, so unless someone wants to give one to me, I am afraid any of the "L" lenses are out of the question

Thanks for your help,