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Are new TLR's like Rollei's a serious or nostalgic camera option? I just happened to read something on (yes I know), dpreview, where someone said that the mirror slap on his Pentax 67 is so massive he muchs prefers a TLR when possible.

Are they very useable hand-hold? or mainly tripod cameras? Anyone know what the difference between a new Expression 2.8 GX and the 2.8 FX would be?

I would say based on the price of a new Rollei TLR, they are indeed serious cameras, of course over the course of the last century most of the Rollei's have been quite good cameras with a very strong following.

Even in this day and age, TLR photography is very serious and a great many of the camera are great performers, as Digi Said, I have also used them handheld, on a tripod and they produce great images.

The mirror slap on the Pentax, can indeed be distracting, but there are a great number of photographers that use them quite successfully for serious work, The Pentax is a challenge to hand hold, it is a large heavy camera that just by its nature can cause you to shake due to the weight, I tried shooting one handheld a couple of years ago, with no success at all to the shear mass of the camera. So Tripod is the recommended way to use this camera.