Just out of curiosity, setting aside, for now, problems about availability of virgin Kodachrome material:

Would it be possible, for a well-equipped industrial laboratory, to offer single batches of this treatment (with disclaimer of no guarantee etc.) or does it have to be made forcibly in a labour-intensive way?

I was thinking about a "call for process" for, let's say, 10.000 rolls.

First phase: Call for payment. Through a internet web site connected to a credit card network, each client could "book" a certain number of rolls. That would imply giving credit card numbers, either for immediate debit or for debit at a later stage.

Second phase: Call for rolls: When the quantity is reached (such as 10.000 rolls), the credit cards are debited (if that was not done in an earlier stage) and the rolls are called (by sending envelops, for instance).

The rolls would arrive at the laboratory within a short timeframe, given the fact that they were already paid for.

What I wonder is if, in theory, such a process could be mounted on a professional laboratory such as Dwayne's.


PS I know there are other problems to overcome to resuscitate Kodachrome, besides treatment, especially the availability of new material. I am just asking this as a theoretical possibility. If treatment is feasible, production of Kodachrome material could even be outsourced by Kodak to some external firm such as Fuji or Agfa. Treatment is probably the biggest hurdle for Kodachrome.