I'm interested to know more about Kodachrome developing, mostly from an academic point of view.

Everybody I have ever talked to seemed to give the impression that it is some kind of black magic. But for reading the occasional paper, I know little about it. I've never seen the machines that develop Kodachrome and I have a hell of a time imagining how it would be developed by hand.

I can't imagine how it could be done in regular hand tanks. Spiraling film on and off the reels, once wet, would be nearly impossible. You can't re-expose the film correctly through the emulsion side only then on the base side only with the film on reels.

I have a Morse G-3 developing tank for cine film that has a window in the side of it for re-exposing the film. You use the cranks to reel film back and forth.
But it is my understanding that those tanks are less than optimal for getting even, controlled development.

So, how would you do it? Removing the rem-jet layer is the least of the troubles. Developing the silver is child's play, relatively speaking.
Exposing only ONE side of the film to the correctly filtered color of light, redeveloping, exposing the other side, re-redeveloping then doing it all over again for a third time (in the dark, no less) really does sound like some kind of black magic!

This ignores the fact that you have to source the supplies to make the chemistry in the first place.

I want to know how it's done, not because I really want to do it myself (maybe in a dream) but because I just HAVE TO know.