Hi Holmburgers and all,
For medical reasons my surgery has been postponed for a couple of months. But I was put under general anesthesia yesterday, so I feel abit off today. But today I tried your suggestion of acidified (red) food color. This was on some older plates that had been fixed and cleered a couple of weeks ago.. One plate that had been hardened with Formalin showed no evidence of red coloring after rinsing under running water. The other plate with no hardener showed red uptake, especialy on the thinner areas. Whether or not this can be made to transfer is another question
I will first make another batch of this emulsion and finish what I need to do with finalization of this formula: Going from 2 alcohol precipitations to only1 and trying another, cheeper dye that has been suggested. Then I will decide where to go from here. I may decide to put the dye transfer on the back burner and go for Jim Brownings sugestion of adding pigment to a panchro emulsion and making a variation of of carbon transfer. Or, I might just make art for a while.