Guys, I can state the following with just about 100% accuracy!

1. Kodak will not bring back Kodachrome! Never, ever.

2. Kodachrome can be processed by hand either in a tank or whatever method you choose as long as you can expose properly to Red and Blue. The evidence is in this thread.

3. Kodachrome color developers go bad even in the absence of air as they are essentially a mixture of Oxidants and Reductants, and that is why the process was so difficult to control and why it had to run continuously. In our labs, when hand processing, the color developers were split into 2 parts - develper and coupler. They were mixed just before use.

4. B&W film can be processed in Kodachrome chemistry to yield a color image by the method I described here at least 2 different times. You use 3 sheets of film to create 3 images which are then processed in 3 color developers using a reversal process. The laminated sheets (or roll film if you wish) then form a very beautiful and authentic Kodachrome image. It works. That is one of the ways we tested single layer color coatings..