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I think an official notice of Reala's discontinuance will appear on Fuji's website in a month or so. Nationalphoto, which is a photo retailer for pros in Japan, put a notice of Reala's discontinuance last week on their website, saying that they were informed from Fuji of the discontinuance. This kind of information from Nationalphoto has always been very accurate and it usually comes well before Fuji releases an official one. According to the notice, Reala in 135 format will be out of stock in around April, and so will be 120/220 in around September.


Very sad....
I sent the above link to the Fuji headquarters in Japan asking for details. Here's their reply:

"Thank you for your inquiry.

I would like to inform you of that we will not discontinue "Real 120" for foreign sales,
but had already announced discontinuing it in Japan.

We hope that you will continue to choose our products.
Thanks. "

Great news!! I already started selling off things to raise money for a Reala stash. Looks like it could be postponed now.


P.S. "Real 120" surely is a misspelling. In my email I said: Reala 120 film. I can't see how they could possibly have misunderstood the subject of my request. And they dont seem to have anything to discontinue thats called "real 120".

P.P.S. Or maybe they are being evasive, in some japanese kind of way. maybe they'll discontinue it anyway, they just dont want to talk about it...