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Hello Apugers

I have been very quiet on APUG lately and have been busy in my lab doing some experiments and tests. As it seems this Kodachrome one ended up online here as a result of me posting it on my personal Facebook Page.

There are some things I should mention about this test....

1stly : I have absolutely no intention of offering it as a service. The Cost, The limited amount of chemistry I have for this process and the fact no new film stock is being produced means this just wont happen.

2nd : While the thread states HOME processing people should be aware that I am working in a fully equip professional photographic lab which without I could not have done this process.

3rdly: While Kodachrome is process K-14 I did not strictly process this in k-14 chemistry. It was processed using an butchered version of this process and other improvised adaptations which can yield a result but the chemistry does not keep nor can I guarantee the archival properties of the final product. Its a one shot process.

Thanks for the interest in one of my personal tests .

You do realize you now officially stole the title from Dwayne's Photo for "Last roll of Kodachrome processed", correct? You also stole the tile of "Last roll" from Steve McCurry as well. Congrats on re-writing photographic history!