Here are the results from my 1st attempt using this combination.
I used a Patterson 2 reel tank (two rolls were processed together). I used the following ratio:

Rodinal 1+100 for 15 mins, agitation/inversion @ every 5th minute.

1000ml water + 10ml Rodinal concentration.

Start = 3 inversion
5th Minute = 3 inversion
10th Minute = 3 inversion
15th Minute - pour out.

Stop bath 20 seconds
One quick water wash
Fixer 5 mins
5 Minute Wash - agitation constant for 1 minute cycles renewing water after every minute (Photo Flo added to last minute wash cycle).

A couple of things to note here. I don't have much experience processing B&W (as you could probably guess from the included image). I mixed up 1000mL water and 10mL Rodinal. Of course I only poured approx 550mL into the tank - I am not sure how much developer solution I should be pouring in the tank (should I change my ratio?). Also, do you start the timer while pouring the developer solution into the tank or not? I am not sure if this will make a difference.

The image is salvageable with some image editing. However, it would be better to work with a cleaner negative.

Any pointers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Iford plus Rodinal.JPG