I am happy to hear that people have actualy recieved a order.

I tried ordering last year, I paid PAYPAL !!!! I contacted MORGAN at CAMERA LEATHER he told me it had been shiped.

It never arrived, I was away for a period of Six weeks and a my mother in law was colecting the mail for the last week, there was a very slim chance it got lost.

I decided to try again and placed another order.....I waited 5 weeks-> emailed Morgan 3 times !!! no reply !!! so I lodged a paypal claim !!!

Morgan has not at even responded to the Paypal Claim!!!....all I asked for was "Has my order been shipped", Morgan must be a complete idiot, it is very rare that
a very reasonable customer like me gives someone a second chance to make good.

I would prefer to get my order....this time I may get my money back.

I am a very active Film and camera buyer who spends $$$$$$ every year....Every one else is happy to deal with someone who, Buys and Pays FAST NO problems

My advice so far is "Don't Waste Your Time or Money With This Guy !!!"