I really enjoy my 550 c/m and all but one of my lenses are CF style. (50, 80, 120 & 150) the 40mm is a T* and I just could not touch the CF version of that lens cost wise.

Shooting landscapes and even people's portraits I never get very high in the speeds. Never really shooting above 400 asa film other than once or twice you should not have to worry about not having 1/1000. What you really have to be worried about is your wallet.

Since you already are accustomed to looking down in a viewfinder you will enjoy the journey. Do consider a CLA after you do some initial tests, it may need it. Sometimes backs don't advance right after years of service or non service. Lenses drift in speeds for the same reason. A good CLA can last you 10 or more years of easy use, a year or three for heavy professional service. And I agree about the issues of older C and C T* lenses, parts are few and far between.

Let us know when you get fully infected with the Hasselblad Virus.