Phew, prints are in the final wash, I just missed April Fools by a minute (as of typing this sentence)! ...does it make me a bad Dad if, while my wife's away for the weekend I took my boy on a longish afternoon walk to the park, to string him out before his afternoon nap so that he wouldn't sleep long before dinner time, so he'd be totally knackered and want to go to bed just before it started to get dark, so I could have an extra couple hours in the darkroom? ...hope not! I'll be feeling it when he gets up super bright and early tomorrow though!

At this stage, I don't feel these prints are going to dry as 'punchy' as the original set, I didn't end up lightly bleaching some areas (white trees) that I did in the first set, mainly because I just wanted them done! I'm hoping it may not actually be all that noticeable, the original set were printed on a matte paper, this new lot are on a gloss (only a few sheets from the sample pack of matte left), so the blacks may seem a bit deeper and make the lighter tones appear brighter... maybe... I might include one of the matte ones in the pack, just to get an opinion of the two papers from Andy.

Drying tonight and part of tomorrow (the gloss seems to stay tacky for a lot longer than any paper I've used before), then pressing tomorrow afternoon and night, then packaged up with the box of Panalure and work out when to drop off. I'll be away from Tuesday evening, so I may have to head Melbourne way Monday, if that suits? I just found out this evening that I need to head up to Melbourne tomorrow for an unrelated excursion, if only I'd known yesterday, I would have made a point of re-printing last night, then they'd be ready to deliver tomorrow!