For those whom are not aware of what is involved in processing Kodachrome here is a very lay mans step by step of the process.....

After mixing up your chemical solutions (tedious in its own right) and preparing wet and dry work space this is what is required to process this film....

The basic steps of the process are as follows....

Step 1 = Alkaline bath for removal of rem jet layer
Step 2 = Wash
Step 3= first developer
Step 4= wash
step 5= Exposure of unexposed silver halide in the red layer of film (though base non emulsion side)
step 6 = cyan developer
step 7 = wash
step 8= blue layer re exposure (via emulsion side)
step 9= yellow developer
step 10= wash
step 11= chemical reversal of green layer
step 12= wash
step 13= magenta developer
step 14= wash
step 15= Pre bleach bath
step 16= bleach
step= 17 Fixer bath
step 18 = wash
step 19 =stabilizer
step 20 dry.......