I don't like using the dam thing but it is necessary in my darkroom. I do not leave it out of my site.
I feel the same about glass carriers as well.

I think these two items are more important than the difference one gets from APO and Non APO lenses.

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A laser alignment tool is an almost obligatory purchase for anyone looking for the best performance making enlargements. I paid $180 for mine and I think it represents the best value for money of any photographic item I have ever purchased. Everything I do culminates in a print and alignment is usually the weakest link in a darkroom set up. Spirit levels and tape don't come close to cutting it. The time it has saved is enormous and the stress and general irritation evaporated. If I want perfect crisp grain right out to the corner, as well as on centre, from any neg at any enlargement size, I can have it. Predictably. Every time. I am being serious when I say that if someone told me I could never buy or sell another item of photo kit and had to drop one that I already own, I would give up my 24 Summillux asph before the laser alignment tool.