Ok I feel like a complete dolt... I have subjects coming in tomorrow to have portraits done using my Sabbatair/Solarization technique.

I am mixing the chemicals right now... as follows

metol 144grams
sodium sulphite 440grams
sodium carbonite 420 grams
sodium bromide 56 grams

hot water to make 12 litres....... HORRORS ON HORRORS ... I only have 200 g of sodium carbonate.

Ok so its a form of baking soda... somewhat... is there a product at our local food store that I could use ... ie baking soda 200 grams or am I screwed.

If I cannot replace the missing 200grams what dire effect could I have by being short of this component.

I really am in a spot as our Chemical Dealer is closed, I AM A MORON FOR NOT CHECKING MY CHEMS. any help.