Well, I'm just not using my digital anymore, and tend to just use my F65 w/50mm. I've come too like the freedom from gear of just learning to use one lens, and concentrating on thinking.

The results I've been getting from film just kill my digital for some reason, more better looking shots. So I was pretty settled on getting a 35mm rangefinder, small & compact, with just one lens (Rollei 35RF w/40mm Sonnar f/2.8).

Now I've been reading about TLR's.. and they seem very similar, but quieter (leaf shutter), just as handholdable (for available light), square format (which I like). Just not sure about the size, think I'll pop into my local camera shop tommorow.

Anyone got any TLR available light shots done using Delta 3200 or something high speed?


PS. It also seems that Rollei 6x6 projectors are not too expensive, I imagine a tranny from these looks pretty good ?