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Phew, prints are in the final wash, I just missed April Fools by a minute (as of typing this sentence)! ...does it make me a bad Dad if, while my wife's away for the weekend I took my boy on a longish afternoon walk to the park, to string him out before his afternoon nap so that he wouldn't sleep long before dinner time, so he'd be totally knackered and want to go to bed just before it started to get dark, so I could have an extra couple hours in the darkroom? ...hope not!
Definitely not. You have the right idea. I got a 6 year old and I take him on 12km bike rides to knock the energy out of him now and then. Yesterday we did a 4.5km walk around Hawthorn streets and shops (he runs a good amount of it) together, sure hit the sack at 7pm but this morning with the move out of daylight saving he was up at 5:30am. My fault.

I will be at Port Melbourne office Monday, so if you swing by that is fine.