Recently I did a quick test of a few 80mm enlarging lenses I have with a coarse grain panoramic negative (24x58mm) in a glass carrier with a laser aligned enlarger on 16x20" paper.
Lenses were:
Meopta Belar 4.5/75
Meopta Meogon 4/80
Componon 5.6/80
Componon S 4/80
Rodagon 4/80

All enlargements are done at f8 (and f11 for componon 5.6) with the same MG filter. Exposure was monitored with Ilford EM10.
Belar (4 element, "budget" lens) was very good in the centre, grain was soft in the corners
Componon 5.6 (old, small one with 23.5mm thread) At f8 good centre, soft grain in corners, at f11 better/sharper grain in corners
All other 3 lenses: Meogon, Rodagon and Componon S 4/80 were very, very similar performers at f8. I'm pretty sure that nobody can complain about prints made with any of those 3 lenses.
On very close inspection Componon S had something extra, that touch of "micro contrast" by the very tight film grain and he was winner for me.
Maybe there should be more difference between them if I tested them with a full (56x56mm) negative. But I need them for panoramic negatives!