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@ Agfarapid, I know what a C330 is but what's an RB/RZ? Cheers
As stated in subsequent posts, the Mamiya range of 6x7 cameras are great cameras, differentiated by manual, no battery req'd (RB 67) and the newer RZ 67 which has an electric shutter requiring a battery. For what it's worth, I currently own and use a Hasselblad 500C as well as the Mamiya RB 67, the C330 and the Mamiya 645 Super (a 6x4.5 format having interchangeable lenses, hoods and backs). I love and use them all and would be hard put to say "this is the best or worst". Each one of these have their advocates and all are superb instruments. You have to decide which one suits your particular style and pocket book.

Good Luck!