For my MF photography, I own a set of two Hasselblad bodies + lenses, backs, prisms etc etc and a Rolleiflex 2,8 F from the 60's.

I make most of my MF personal work with the Rollei. It's sturdy, reliable, got a fine Planar lens, easy to use, quiet, vibration-free, fast, fun, light (compared to the Blads) and beautiful in general. As you can understand, I'm in love with it. Rollei used to make a pentaprism that fitted the camera (I don't think they still make it, although I'm not sure) that you can find on Ebay (if you're lucky). There is a Rolleiflex on sale at the moment WITH its prism and lots of other accessories (at a high price, I'm afraid).

Parallax is corrected, there is a depth-of-field scale and a series of filters an close up lenses that fit the (taking, usually) lense. Double exposure is also possible. The finder (if you don't use a prism) has a mangifying lens (although it's very bright and you don't really need one). The F models also have incorporated selenium light metes that accept an accessory for incident metering (what modern camera can offer this alternative ?).

You can work with a camera for all your life and never feel its age or get bored by it. Interchangeable lenses are not an issue with me, although when I need them I can use my other cameras.

The new Rollei TLRs are overpriced, rich Japanese collectors objects. They have plastic in their mechanisms (eeerkk !!!!) and on the exterior parts sometimes (the 2,8 GX had a plastic focusing lever). They (the light meter) operate on batteries and have LEDs in the finder (!!!!!) and TTL flash control. They cannot be compared to the original 2,8 F. They look and feel like Japanese counterfeits, like Contax cameras from the 80's.

Watch the auctions on Ebay and get yourself a Rolleiflex 2,8 F with a Zeiss Planar or a Schneider Xenotar (more expensive) lens in good condition. You'll never part with it.