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More thinking...

Why am I trying to use a helicopter to cross the street?
Yes, my idea is workable but it's too complicated.
I don't know but I do believe in keeping everything simple. I did not use light tight small tanks in my processing. My set up consisted of small tanks which I dip and dunk the film into. Each tank lain out in the processing sequence in a darkroom with the processing bay on one side of the room and my custom set up printing station for re exposure on the other.

A few months ago I showed one of my autochrome style tests.... see link here


I came up with simple elegant working solutions to some of the problems in that thread, the proof was in the pudding. I mean no offense to anyone in that or this thread but if you read the following 25 pages of testing and theory and development in the link I didn't see anything close to my example or anything that could super seed it. I feel this thread may very well do the same. sorry to be so demotivate.