Thank you Jim,
As of now, I have done exactly nothing to determine whether or not this PVA based panchro emulsion can be used as vehicle for printing pigments. But I have made 2 observations which may be relevent to the question of whether or not the base polymer will harden in pyro developer or a bleach out process. First, in trying to find an alternative to alcohol precipitation, I have found that a 7% of the the silane modified PVA in water will fall out of solution upon raising the pH with 1% KOH. After wahing the precipitate, lowering the Ph with sulfuric acid will not redesolve the polymer, no mater how long or how high the temperature. I conclude that a rise in pH has crosslinked the polymer. I am stil stuck with alcohol precipitation for the purpose of wahing the emulsion.
Secondly, I have found that pyro developer yields a rather low D-max, compared to D19, the later being my usual developer for testing purposes.
I am not sure that this means anything at all concerning the topic at hand. Just an observation.