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There are many novice repairmen reading this thread, and my posts are for them. Only a talented and experienced person can make do with "makeshift" tools, the novice needs to learn what the proper procedure and proper tool is before he can start looking around for tools to adapt to the job at hand. This is a very common misconception, that someone starting out can get by with makeshift tools, the opposite is the reality.
Realy? Well when I started at the age of 15 I used 2 screw driver to open spanners n even used scisors. It wasn't untill I I can afford or even had any good reason to need one, that I purchased a proper spanner. Spend so much money on something that you may not even like? If you are just playing around with a $10 junker, it doesn't make any sense at all to invest in tools first then learn. I've seen too many DIY mechanics with a garage full of beautiful tools n have no idea or even have the talent to use em. Waste of money! I believe in the try then buy theory.

So all you DIYer reading this; go ahead n use what every you can make due till you decide if this is for you. This isn't rocket science, it's a learned skill a caveman can do with a little experimenting... just have fun.