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Michael, we had a huge discussion about this with PE many moons ago, and yes there is a mercapto which remains a trade secret. That much I was able to ferret out off that crafty wizard. I'd suggest a search but most times that doesn't find the relevant post. I think it was 'Microdol-X replacement".
To me, MDX has an ever so slightly smoother tone when used 1:0 and slightly more brilliance when used 1:3 as compared to Perceptol and D-23/25. Teeny tiny.
Thanks for pointing that out. I'm definitely not going to argue with PE when it comes to Kodak . I was under the impression the anti-silvering agent in Mic-X was not a mercapto compound. My primary source for that was Anchell/Troop but now that I think about it in Anchell/Troop there was no definitive answer on what the secret ingredient was.

I used a lot of Microdol-X and later used a lot of Perceptol and in my testing I never saw a difference at either 1+0, 1+1 or 1+3. That's just me though. Substituting for Microdol-X I'd still go with Perceptol vs D25, which did look different to me.