So long as nobody is planning to shoot movies, none of the film strips will be longer than 6ft or so.
It would be easy to construct a linear tank with support scaffolding inside to hold a full length 36 exposure 35mm or a roll of 120.
Agitation would be a simple rocking side to side like those oscillating tabletop "wave" lamps.
Color re-exposure could simply be by opening the lid and using an overhead lamp. To expose opposite side, simply open lid, flip the scaffolding over, expose, close lid and continue.
Wash steps could be accomplished by plumbing the water direct to the tank on one end, and the drain at the other end.
Similar tanks could be constructed for sheet film.

Now, for process control, since we have no supply of control strips, it could be a simple matter of using the first 3-4 frames on a 35mm roll as the control. Every roll you shoot, take 3 or 4 shots of a color card as the first exposures on the roll. At process time, extract the leader and 6 more inches, process it as the control. Evaluate and correct for the deviations when you run the rest of the roll.

I own a machine shop, do significant work with semiconductor and manufacturing companies, and am interested in building any equipment required for this, or other photography-related projects. (I do the same sort of thing for vintage Japanese motorcycles, another hobby of mine...)

So if you have ideas, and can render a half-way decent dimensioned drawing (or even a CAD drawing if that's your skill level), I'm happy to take a look and at least estimate the production costs. Just zap me a PM and we'll take it from there.