All i know is if Dwaynes kept their lab equipment, you would think they would have been still able to process kodachrome using the chemistry Steve has used.
In fact they should have had plenty of resources and knowledge required to do this since they had employed chemists to monitor the entire k-14 process.
It still would have been a viable part of their business for a few more years if nothing else until all the remaining kodachrome stocks around the globe dried up.
Even if the only did a few runs per year, it still would have been possible.
Anyway processc22 in the UK has a banner on their site saying kodachrome is only sleeping, they claim they are wanting to experiment with processing Kodachrome in Colour, would be worth directing them to this thread here.

Anyway, does anyone else agree that this new process be designated k-15?

I think its a fitting name since its not going to be ever 100% the same as the k-14 process and the chemistry is obviously slightly different.