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Can I please remind everyone there is no more kodachrome film being made at present and its not likely to be resurrected any time soon, As a man who still processes E-6 I think we should all be focusing our attention to E-6 and the buying and shooting that before we loose it like we have lost kodachrome.

Now on a few other issues

First thing to note for kodachrome development. The First developer I used for my results was a formula very similar to Ilford PQ Universal, (sorry Ron if this rings alarm bells to you) I mention this to give example on how I've butchered certain steps of the process to get a system that works. This being said its all working as a one shot process. Ive really got no way of testing replenishment rates etc and I Don't have enough chemistry and film to experiment with that. So I have no idea if a K-14 machine can be used. Also Im not sure if the developers in a k-14 machine are replenished by a part A part B mixing into working solution. My notes for the dye developers I use each state that the chemicals WILL NOT KEEP (not sure if this is true for the solutions A & B separately but once mixed they MUST BE USED.

Secondly with no new film stocks ive seen heaps of older kodachrome films that were processed with slightly magenta or purple fogging from age to the base.... all kodachrome is now out of date. When looking at business somethings have to be taken into account, the cost of the process is a huge thing to take into account the chemicals are very expensive therefore the cost to the client will be very expensive...how much are people really willing to pay? secondly the huge issue more than this is the ammount of film on the market? theres no new stock ebing made and without a processing deadline people are likely to say YAY we can process our kodachrome but how many are actually likely to do so? and if they do once its processed then what? how are they going to get more?

lastly please read the tech pubs on kodachrome, everything you could ever want to know is in them, kodak does not make kodachrome a secret in any way shape or form. You can find out anything you want to know from how to make the film, what processing temps and times (specific gravities) , printing the film, anything and everything required in developing down to film tension issues in a k-lab machine...

Sorry to sound such a buzz kill I just don't want people thinking this little test is the birth of a new Kodachrome process...
Yes i do completley agree whee you are coming from. However i do feel sorry for those that never got their film to Dwaynes in time, i was recently contacted by the person who has made a whole film dedicated to the space shuttle and its all shot on kodachrome http://www.shuttlelaunchfilm.com/
He has films that he has not had processed and needs them done to complete his film. He is keeping them frozen in the mean time.
It would be great to help such people out, its worth mentioning that Steve Mccurry has kept a stock of kodachrome waiting to be shot in his freezer for the day that processing may happen again.
Ive got 15 rolls in my freezer that i bought from a photographer cheaply that he never got to shoot, im annoyed i never got the chance to shoot kodachrome myself.
At least its given me an interest in analog photography again and im stocking up on as much ektachrome as i can afford before thats too late.