I visited Harbertonford village to try out some Rollei Retro 80S, rated at ISO80 and then developed in Caffenol CL (my now go to Developer with Semi-Stand technique).

Film developed in Caffenol CL using the semi-stand technique for 65 minutes at 21 degrees Celcius.

Formula: In 500mls distilled water:

8g Sodium Carbonate (anhydrous)
5g Asorbic Acid
0.7g Pottasium Bromide
20g Tesco Classic Rich Roast Coffee

Agitations: First 30 seconds, then 3 inversions after a further: 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 8 minutes, 16 minutes empty tank after a further 34.5 minutes.

Image was taken using my tripod mounted Fuji GX680 a 125mm Fujinon lens at f22 with a Yellow Filter to keep a bit of colour in the sky.

What has astounded me is the amount of detail this film can hold. Whilst pictorially it is very good, when I started looking at the shadow detail at 100% I could see there was more than just some blocked up dark tones, once I had selected my shadow areas at 100% I then lifted the exposure by 2.5 stops to see what was actually there, what can I say, it really surprised me. It is quite contrasy though and has a very pronounced curl.

It was also good to see the resolving power of the lens/film, again when searching at 100% I found these two little birdies sitting in a tree, I don't know if they are Peter & Paul but they didn't fly away.

Harbertonford Church 125mm Lens Rollei Retro 80S by Ed Bray, on Flickr

100% crop lower LH side by Ed Bray, on Flickr

100% crop lower RH side by Ed Bray, on Flickr

Peter & Paul???