You have pretty normal looking shadow detail, which means you didn't over-expose them.

The negatives are over-developed, verified by the extremely high density in the highlights.

Dektol isn't necessarily a bad film developer. You just have to watch it carefully so you don't over-develop. Try different shorter developing times, and I'm sure you will find a good compromise.
It is grainier than D76 for sure, but with modern films that could be a benefit.

- Thomas

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Hello. Im quite new to developing myself and i cant get my head around this one!

I developed three rolls of tri x 400 yesterday. They came out really really bright!

Heres two examples (one from each roll, developed differently)

Im 99% sure my cameras expose right. Ive shot these pictures with two different Olympus Om2.
I did manage to "save" them by reducing light and contrast in the scanning process.


They look really bad and boring but i do get the details out? Isnt that a sign of overdeveloping. Shouldnt it be all burnt out if it was overexposed?

Now to my real question!
I developed two rolls in stock d76 solution for 6.45 seconds, stop for 1 min and 10 min of fix. I saw the big failure and did my next roll with 1:1 solution, exactly 21 celcius for 9 min (as the charts say). 1 min stop and again 10 min fix. Same bad result!!

Ive heard about bleaching the negs back and i am thinking of doing it at a photo shop to save my pictures but i really wanna develop by myself but i dont get what i do wrong here?

I use 1 bag of d76 (for one liter). Stir it in the right temperture in 800ml water, then the 200ml rest like it says. I use citrin stop diluted 1:19 as it says and Illford Rapid fixer diluted 1:4 as it says.

Hope someone can help me here!
Johan (Sweden)