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Sure. Go right ahead, use anything that comes to hand. When you get tired of marring/damaging/destroying whatever you are working on, you'll value the proper tool even more.

Just don't damage yourselves.Scissors are for cutting things like paper and fabric, not DIY camera tinkerers.
Come on, get real. This isn't a professional or a guy starting a shop working on valuable museum cameras. He's a first timer working on a $10 broken junker speculating on starting a new hobby. If it works out n he enjoys what he's done n learned someting along the way, he'll go out buy some tools n persure a new hobby. When I was in busines I made most of my tools and used whatever I had. I never had to buy special use tools and I am still using the same home made tools from 45 years ago. I have DIY sheet metal spanners.. are they OK to use as spanners or is sheet metal meant to be used for something else? You have absolutely no imagination.

Sheesh man lighten up n get off your high horse. Stop feeling so full of yourself n make a big deal over nothing. I notice this alot around here lately. I've given alot of people hands on "how to" advice, many of these same people are now very competant DIYers. How did you get started; using a $200 spanner?... every tool was store bought n has a very specific use? Get a life!

I'm out of here, sick n tired of this crap.

DIYers use whatever your imagination can conger up, it's all about the fun not some jerk telling you need expensive tools.