I must admit that I now feel foolish for starting this thread on a subject about which I know little.(Dye Transfer) That takes care of the Matrix Film as far as I am concerned. On the other hand, Jim's idea of loading pigment into panchro emulsions, be they gelatin or polymer based, is still of great interest to me. After I make my next batch of emulsion I will do some initial testing using commercial pigment despersions. If that works out, great. But if light transmision proves to be a problem, I have many years of "proffesional" experience in pigment dispersion for for photoresists. I am familiar with what Drew is talking about. I might actualy purchase a benchtop three-roll mill.
Once I have begun I will begin posting results here. But. That will be at least three weeks from now.
OTOH , someone could decide to pursue matix film and receiving medium based on gelatin emulsions. Why not?
Jim already has the matrix formula published. Bill