I've posted a couple of threads on the forum asking about buying. My search on Ebay has left many questions with specific items every time. So I was thinking about buying from KEH which I've seen nothing but good reviews. The thing is it would be far less than a crap shoot for pretty good priced items. I've bought a lot of things off Ebay but never cameras/lenses for hundreds of dollars.

Questions: 1. In the experience of those that have bought there....If you saw a camera body you wanted and a separately listed lens would they maybe give a little break on price if you bought them together? Is it worth asking?

2. I heard that they grade conservatively. Are the cameras they have for sale gone over by them to check functionality etc. (sorry if redundant).

I just didn't feel right about the couple of 645E set ups I saw on Ebay. Even if they offered a 7 day return policy (most did not) I may not have time to get a couple of rolls through a camera and developed in 7 days, so KEH seems like the safer bet seeing I don't buy equipment that often.

I have also heard that KEH has many more items than they can place online so I should maybe call if want something specific as it may not be on the website.

I wanted to get objective opinions, not the party line from them