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Hello, I have a Durst 3 bath Roller Processor, and I intend to work with it to make Ilfochrome prints. My questions are this:

- last time I made Ilfochrome it was difficult to wash as I needed to wash them several times before getting the bad smell out of them, how can I avoid this?
- Getting this Ilfochorme prints dry was a trouble. What should I do to get them dry fast and for them to end up really flat?
- I use a gas mask in my darkroom, but this chemicals smell too bad. Is that normal?
- Whitout the water bath that it says I have to give after the second bath, as my Processor has only three baths will I be able to make the prints?

Thank you:-)
A great solution to drying problems with ilfochrome that pro labs use is the addition of Epsom salts (magensium sulphate) in the final wash, this heavy water causes the surface of the print to dry with a better gloss.