Yeah, 72 framea was clearly overkill. IMO.

Just look at me, I'm killing myself in the darkroom for 6 month now printing 20 36 exposure films from my last project. Killing and I mean it. But I'm after perfection and I print my best ones @16x20 and even 20x24. Imagine my place with such prints laying around drying. Some on the floor, on all the tables, on all surfaces.

Yes, my keeper rate is high. Now
Imagine a crazy nut like myself having to go through 72 frames x 20, 30 or 40 every 3,4 or 6 months.
And since I love grain and the tonality from 35mm negs, I guess I'd love my half-frame shots even more.

I was on the fence many times to buy half-frame cameras but i didn't because of that.

I can't