You really can't lose buying from KEH

Every thing I have bought has been "Better than Expected " Even UG, BGN and AS-IS My best buys have been, a AS-IS Nikon FE Black for $13.00 !!!! Just needed new Foam and Battery's and it is Like New (less than a roll of film and proccessing), I also bought a UG bronica ETRS 50mm lens....Nothing wrong with it -> looks almost new and was only $33.00

If I buy cameras on Ebay I make sure the seller has 100% feed back and has been a member for 5 or more years, stay away from High priced BUY NOW...Make a Offer...... You can bet they are Dreaming !!!

I would just Buy from KEH, Even with the Shipping $$$ to AUSTRALIA I still end up in front.

Best of luck