I like KEH as well. I bought an RB67 Pro-S body from them and it came with new light seals and most everything in "As advertised" condition (EX). However, the body does have some minimal body-paint bubbling but so far that hasn't worsened nor detracted from the cameras performance. The "Premium" i paid for the EX condition was a bit higher than similarly advertised cameras on eBay, but i was absolutely assured i was getting what i paid for.

My most recent purchase with KEH was problematic. I bought a used Manfrotto ball-head and received a different (lesser/lower) model - though in EX condition. When i contacted KEH and informed them it took a couple days before i heard from them. I was pretty disturbed given my difficult shipping location, but to their credit, KEH refunded the difference between the price of the head i received and the one i paid for.

On lenses i've bought from KEH, i've been absolutely, 100% satisfied.

I must say that i've only had one bad eBay camera-related experience and on that singular Purchase the Seller made it right. I have had one other "suspicious" transaction on eBay (bought MS Office Pro 2007). The Seller didn't reply to communications, the shipment was s-l-o-w, and had alot of similar transactions (and a couple bad Feedbacks' - which i typically shun, but 99% Positive overall). I feared pirated software/scamming, but eventually (2 weeks...) the software arrived and all was well.

With eBay you simply buy from Sellers who only have 98% Positive feedback (and higher) for similar-priced transactions - otherwise, walk away!!!