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wtf ? seriously ? So if you order room service or use wifi, does it come off the $150 then ? You don't get refunded the balance ? Very lame if so.
That's pretty much what I was thinking when I checked in and was given a total that was $300 more than I was told when I booked the room. That's when the guy behind the desk explained the $150/night for incidentals to me. If you order room service, use their wi-fi, watch movies in your room, or eat in the hotel's restaurant it's comes out of the $150/night incidental fee. Whatever you don't use is refunded at the end of your stay so I did eventually get my $300 back.

By the way, the hotel's restaurant stops serving breakfast at 11 AM even on weekends, so don't sleep in too late and take a long shower like I did or you'll miss it. I ended up getting a very reasonably priced breakfast at the Red Rooster restaurant away from the main part of Niagara On The Lake instead of eating into that incidental feet at the hotel's restaurant.