47mm f5.6 Digitar cells only, excellent, $500
65mm f8 Ilex Wide-Angle in Ilex #1, good, $150
65mm f8 Ilex Wide-Angle in compur #00 (shutter from a kodak folder need aperure scale), $90
75mm f4.5 Ysaron in polaroid copal #1 (shutter has smaller than normal aperture), $10 (does not cover 4x5)
90mm f8 Super Angulon MC cells only (chip on edge on rear element, otherwise excellent, very sharp actually) $100
150mm f4.5 Graphic Kowa (tessar type?) in barrel, good, $50
210mm f9 G-Claron in barrel, good, $100
210mm f9 G-Claron (dagor type), 2mm chip in rear element, in barrel, $40
210mm f5.6 Orbit SII (rebranded Symmar MC) lens cells only, excellent, $100
305mm f9 Graphic Kowa in barrel, good, $300 (appears to be a 6-element plasmat)

Copal #1 black with T,B, and preview, excellent working perfectly, $125
Seiko #0 black with T,B, and preview (preview sticks, firing shutter closes OK) ugly $50

Please PM me if you are interested. 10$ will ship any of these in the US. Paypal accepted.