Hello All,
Since I,prematurely at best, started this thread, I have read much speculation and no hard evidence. I should have done some experiments. Then either opened my big mouth,or not.
When I first started my goal of making a panchromatic emulsion, I got more discouragement than encouragement, to say the least. When I started using silane treated PVA instead of gelatin , the same. Fortuneately, I kept going anyway.
I am not saying that the reasons set fouth in this thread, for the inpractability of of what I asked about are not correct. They probably are correct. That is why I am puting this whole topic away, for now. And I have more promissing things that I can do with my time. If I ever decide to pursue anything having to do with dye transfer, I might well return to gelatin in order to work with what has already worked.