Cards received so far (sorry I didn't comment on them earlier), in random order:

Steelbar, abandoned school, a simply beautiful print, the tones, the shadows, the building; it all fits.
bluejeh, coffee carafe, nice detailed photo of what seems to be a special carafe.
bluejeh2, ghost town, love the dramatic printing with the darkened sky, fits the subject very well.
drpsilver, me, the bean. An interesting, distorted self-portrait. I like it.
Rob Skeoch, old house (a.k.a. Coca-Cola), what's not to like about this? Great motif, I can just keep looking at it. Great print, and lovely paper.
delphine, Brighton marina, magical indeed. I like it upside-down too, with its distorted but not-too-distorted reflections.
mooseontheloose, festival dancer, no HIE this time, but a great shot nonetheless. Action, movement, great DOF; another great card.
guitstik, dew in the pines, a brittle subject, a good find. I was going to ask whether it is toned, but I see it is C-41 B&W film printed on color paper, so that explains the "toning". Fits the subject, I like it!
Trond, bird. Amazing, a great photo. The bird, the pebbles, and the dark trousers in the upper right corner as stark contrast; a powerful picture.
Mark Barendt, Oahu North shore, yes, the season is here again.
George Nova Scotia, triplet of Kodak papers; this felt like a present opening it, reading one description, viewing one photo, reading the next description, watching the next photo, repeat once more. They're all lovely, but if I had to choose one, the Daylily is truly amazing. Not only a great shot (as are all), but amazing to see what is still possible with that paper! Thanks a bunch!
crispinuk, ginger flower, the comments get boring: another lovely shot. The completely black background is a great addition for this print.

12 out of 25 received, and it is another great round! Thank you all, I wouldn't want to miss this!

Now, let's see if I find any more cards beneath or inbetween stacks of mail...